About UHS Behind Closed Doors

UHS Behind Closed Doors is a project of Service Employees International Union. Universal Health Services, Inc., also known as UHS, is the largest provider of inpatient behavioral health services in the country. With nearly 200 facilities, UHS represents about 20% of the overall inpatient behavioral health market in the United States and 40% of the freestanding behavioral market. UHS is a for-profit company traded on the NYSE under the ticker “UHS.” In addition to behavioral health facilities, it also operates 24 acute care hospitals. According to Fitch Ratings, “Acute care pressures have been offset by the more profitable and stable revenue stream of UHS’s behavioral health business.” In 2013 UHS achieved 28.1% operating margins at its behavioral health facilities compared to 14.8% at its acute care hospitals.The company is currently seeking to acquire more behavioral facilities and expand its existing facilities.