AHCA cited Gulf Coast Treatment Center for 6 life safety violations

Gulf Coast Treatment Center was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for 6 violations of NFPA Life Safety and National Electrical Codes during an on-site inspection. AHCA found that the facility violated life safety code standards, fire door regulations, electrical safety regulations, and smoke damper regulations. During the inspection, AHCA found that the “facility failed to maintain fire doors within the corridors so they would properly close and latch upon activation of the fire alarm.” AHCA observed “fire doors in the corridor would not close and latch properly” per fire and life safety regulations. AHCA also observed that the “facility failed to maintain the Fire/Smoke dampers within the HVAC system and the supporting documentation.” AHCA noted that “fire dampers help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from room to room by sealing the HVAC ducts in emergency situations. The dampers must be serviced to maintain proper operation.” AHCA reviewed documentation and found that “documentation of maintenance and testing of the fires/smoke dampers were not present.” AHCA interviewed maintenance staff who confirmed “damper inspection and maintenance had not been done in accordance with NFPA.” AHCA also cited the facility for failing “to maintain documentation on the exercising of the main and feeder breakers.” AHCA noted that “not exercising as required by the manufacturer can lead to corrosion among other issues which can cause delay or the inability to transfer power in a time of emergency.” The inspection report did not include a plan of correction.