AHCA cited Sandy Pines for not having proper staffing levels for 10 out of 12 nights

Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center for Children and Adolescents was cited for deficiencies related to adequate staffing during an unannounced licensure complaint survey conducted by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). AHCA found that between 10/12/2014 to 10/23/2014, the “facility failed to meet the required ratio of 1 direct care staff member to 6 child residents on the 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM [shift] on 10 of the 12 days.” AHCA revealed that “the most deficient ratio occurred on 10/19/14, when the facility’s census was 109 residents, but only 15 staff members were working; a ratio of 1 staff members to over 7 residents.” In the plan of correction, the facility agreed that the Staffing Coordinator and Director of Nursing will review the patient census daily and “adjust staffing as needed.”  The facility also agreed to distribute the Mandating Staff policy to all nursing staff and implement the policy, if necessary, to stay within the ratio.