Child accessed unlocked medication room and attempted suicide at San Marcos Treatment Center

San Marcos Treatment Center was cited by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for deficiencies related to patient rights and medication security after a child was able to access, and ingest, 80 tablets of acetaminophen in a suicide attempt. DFPS received a self-report from the facility stating that medications were not secured and a resident was able to access and take approximately 80 tablets of Tylenol in a suicide attempt. DFPS found that the medication room door was left open by a nurse on duty for approximately 14 minutes. During that time, a child was able to access the unlocked medication room and steal an entire bottle of Tylenol. DFPS noted that “significant medical treatment was required. The child was hospitalized for 3 days and had to be taken by helicopter to a specialty facility.”