Children's unit's fire exits were blocked in facility with multiple fire hazards

Del Amo Hospital was cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for deficiencies related to life safety codes. CMS found that in the Children’s Unit, fire doors did not automatically unlock when the smoke alarm went off, and there were tables, chairs, benches, and other items stored in front of fire exits. These two hazards blocked appropriate egress in the case of an emergency. Additionally, CMS found no evidence that the facility’s smoke detectors had been tested properly. The Building Engineer confirmed that the smoke detectors had not been tested and stated he was not familiar with how to test them. In the facility’s patient smoking areas, CMS found there were no fire-safe disposal containers and patients were discarding “cigarettes onto the ground and into a plastic trash can filled with combustibles.” Finally, CMS found that the facility failed to conduct fire drills and failed to maintain the kitchen fire sprinkler system. CMS observed four fire sprinklers covered with an accumulation of grease in the kitchen. Del Amo Hospital agreed to address its deficiencies with a plan of correction, and to conduct monthly environmental rounds.