Facility Cited again for Denying Patients their posted Visitation Rights

The NJ Summit Oaks hospital was cited by the New Jersey Department of Health for deficiencies related to patients rights and housekeeping. Approximately five months after a previous inspection found that patients were denied visitation rights, the Department of Health again found that the facility failed to provide visitation every day as stated in the posted Patient Rights. The Department of Health found that the facility had posted a Patient’s Bill of Rights signs stating that patients had the right to visitation every day. However, staff indicated that visitation is only allowed on three days of the week. Similar to the previous plan of correction, the Department of Health indicated that the facility became compliant with the state’s laws on patient’s rights after implementing corrections. Additionally, the Department of Health cited the facility for deficiencies in housekeeping after determining “the facility failed to ensure that all walls were maintained clean to sight and touch. The Department of Health found:
a. Every Patient room toured had raw drywall repairs. This is a porous surface that cannot be properly cleaned b. Many of the Patient rooms had paint that was peeling off the walls, preventing proper cleaning. c. Patient bathroom #108A had paint peeling from the walls and missing base board tiles, preventing proper cleaning.
To address these deficiencies, the facility agreed to make repairs to the walls and require existing housekeeping staff to review wall-cleaning protocol. The facility also agreed to review patient satisfaction surveys related to perception of cleanliness.