Facility Cited for Patient Rights Violations for 3rd Time in One Year

Summit Oaks Hospital was cited by the New Jersey Department of Health for the third time in one year for deficiencies related to Patient Rights (See previous inspections here and here). The Department of Health “determined that the facility failed to ensure that a summary of the patients’ rights was conspicuously displayed in the patients’ rooms and in public places.” The Department of Health found that two units in the facility had “no patient rights signs posted in the patient’s rooms or in the dayrooms.” In the two previous inspections, Summit Oaks had been found to have patient rights signs posted throughout the facility, but the rights listed on the signs were not honored. In response to the finding that the signs were missing, a staff member stated that the signs had been taken down “in order to paint the walls of the units,” which would take approximately 6 weeks per unit. Summit Oaks agreed to a plan of correction in order to address this deficiency.