Facility Cited for Uncorrected Deficiencies Related to Elopements

In June 2011, the Florida Agency for Health Care and Administration (AHCA) found that Manatee Palms Group Homes continued to be out of compliance with deficiencies identified in March 2011. AHCA found that the facility failed to meet program standards for quality assurance by failing “to ensure documentation of monitoring which reflected a thorough and systematic process to analyze data” related to elopement events and patient possession of contraband. When interviewed about the runaway incidents, the Program Director said several patients were able to escape due to unsecured gates and patient supervision issues. AHCA found that the facility’s internal investigation into one of the patient runaway incidents failed to address issues with lack of supervision, staffing on the unit, and staff’s prior knowledge of potential elopement risk. AHCA also found the facility had no documentation showing that an investigation took place after a patient obtained a razor, a contraband item.