Facility Fails to Honor Patient's Rights

La Amistad Residential Treatment Center was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for failing to honor patient rights “regarding a request for discharge from a voluntary facility, and the omission of a facility complaint/grievance.” A 13-year old patient was taken to the facility as a voluntary admission by his parents and during his brief stay, Baker Act (involuntary commitment) proceedings to send him to a Crisis Stabilization Unit were twice initiated. The facility proceeded with the second Baker Act commitment even after the parents refused a suggested transfer from the voluntary facility to a sister psychiatric facility and expressed a desire to take their child home as soon as possible. AHCA found “[n]o documentation regarding meeting with the patient’s parents concerning the patients [sic] discharge home, refusal of hospital transfer, or offer to file a grievance was observed” even though facility policy requires all complaints be filed as grievances. Separately, AHCA cited the facility for failing to meet requirements for incident reporting. The citation stemmed from review of medical records for the same patient described above, which revealed that the patient had cut his thumb and his shin, and refused medical treatment. These incidents were not documented in facility incident reports despite “Self-inflicted injuries” and “Patient refuses treatment…” being named in the facility’s Healthcare Peer Review (HPR) Occurrence Reporting System Policy. As a result, the facility was required to submit a plan of correction to address its cited deficiencies and deficient policies and practices.