Facility Had Floors with Holes and Cracks, Nurses' Stations with Missing Countertop, and Carpets with Large Stains

Summit Oaks Hospital was cited by the New Jersey Department of Health for deficiencies related to Plant Maintenance Services. The Department of Health wrote:
“It was determined that the facility failed to ensure that floors, walls and counter tops are free of cracks and holes, discoloration and other signs of disrepair.”
The Department of Health found that several counter tops in the facility were missing large portions of formica. When asked about exposed pressboard in a nurses’ station, a staff member said “I think it happened a few months ago.” The Department of Health also found holes and cracks in the linoleum flooring. Lastly, the Department of Health found that “carpet flooring had large stains throughout the hallways.” Two staff members “could not state when the carpet had last been cleaned.” To address these deficiencies, Summit Oaks agreed to repair the damaged counters and floors with a projected start date almost 2 months after the inspection date. Additionally, carpet cleaning was placed on a maintenance schedule, to be cleaned once a month, with spot cleaning as needed.