Facility took 7 days to report patient injury to Child Protective Services

North Spring Behavioral Healthcare was investigated and cited by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) for failing to report serious incidents and patient injuries within 24 hours to placing agencies, guardians, and regulators. The DBHDS found that a resident was injured during a physical restraint but Child Protective Services and other appropriate agencies were not notified for 7 days following the incident. DBHDS wrote:
“Student A was restrained on 4/9/12, sustaining bruises described as brown and purple on 4/23 when first observed by DSSLCPS investigator…Nurse #1 did not bring these injuries to the attention of, Risk Management Director until 4/12…Consequently, the report of this incident that took place on 4/9 and resulted in injuries to a minor was not received by LCPS until 4/16. DBHDS was notified on 4/19.”
To correct the deficiencies, the provider responded that the Director of Nursing completed retraining with the nurses on incidents that require immediate communication with the Risk Manager and on nursing assessments on restraint use.