Failure to Administer Medication to Patient with 16 Prior Suicide Attempts

Laurel Ridge was cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for deficiencies related to the administration of drugs. CMS found that the facility failed to administer medications in accordance with hospital policies and federal and state laws when medication was not given as ordered to a 17-year old patient. The patient, who had a history of mental illness and 16 previous suicide attempts, was ordered to be given Risperidone — an antipsychotic drug. CMS reviews of the patient’s medical record shows that the drug was documented as “not available” when the patient was to be administered her first dose. Further reviews of the patient’s records showed no further documentation noting that the medication was administered, or any indication as to why the medication was not given.  An interview with the facility’s “Director of Risk Management revealed that this medication issue was not identified and/or documented as a medication error.”