Failure to Treat Allegedly Results in Suicide

The estate of a former patient alleges that Horsham Clinic staff failed to recognize and treat his suicidal ideation. They allege that the Clinic’s failures in recommending inpatient observation and treatment led to decedent’s hanging. On October 31, 2011, Thomas C. Erb was voluntarily admitted as an inpatient at Horsham Clinic with suicidal thoughts following a breakup with his girlfriend. On November 9, 2011, Erb was sent to Horsham Clinic Adult Outpatient program as a step-down for his depression. The Complaint alleges that on November 21, Erb’s mother contacted his Horsham caseworker asking for Erb to be hospitalized because of his deteriorating condition at home. The caseworker allegedly responded that he did not believe Erb required hospitalization. The Complaint further states that sometime after 1 A.M. on November 25, after having been found outside his ex-girlfriend’s residence the prior evening, Erb was found dead of self-hanging by his brother and father. This case was transferred to Montgomery County and is pending as of October, 2014.