Former Staff Therapists at NDA Allege Retaliation for Reporting Quality and Legal Compliance Issues

Two former National Deaf Academy (NDA) Staff Therapists filed a lawsuit in April 2013, alleging they were retaliated against for reporting multiple legal compliance and quality issues during their respective tenures at the facility (from approximately January 2012 through October 2012). They allege that NDA and UHS (Universal Health Services) falsified records, and even instructed employees to falsify records, to misrepresent therapy sessions that did not occur or the presence of a licensed healthcare professional. They also allege the facility unnecessarily admitted patients or unnecessarily delayed their discharge and detained them. They also allegedly observed abusive conditions and practices at the facility, including the excessive use of physical or chemical restraints. They claim that the administration refused to report incidents of suspected abuse to the Department of Children and Families and instructed staff to only use corporate UHS forms to document such incidents. Their second amended complaint states that “UHS was directly involved in the decision to subject [Gilrain and Savage] to the retaliatory terminations from NDA which are at issue. Specifically, Plaintiff Gilrain was terminated from NDA [on or about Sept 4, 2012] only hours after he sent an email to the UHS Corporate Compliance Officer and human resources detailing and objecting to incidents of unlawful conduct. Similarly, Plaintiff Savage was terminated [on or about October 17, 2012] approximately two weeks after she submitted a written complaint objecting to incidents of unlawful conduct at NDA to UHS President Alan Miller.” The case is ongoing as of July 21, 2014.