Fort Lauderdale Hospital failed to report and investigate alleged patient abuse

Fort Lauderdale Hospital was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for deficiencies related to incident reporting, after AHCA determined that the facility’s incident log did not document a reported incident of  patient abuse. AHCA interview with a Mental Health Therapist revealed that the patient alleged “he was hit by a kid in the unit” on the day of the patient’s discharge from the facility. The staff member stated “her impression was he was afraid to report the assault” and so the staff member reported the incident to the Nurse supervisor. The Nurse supervisor told AHCA “this alleged abuse was reported to me, but …I did not make an Incident Report due to the Patient being in the process of discharged [sic] home that day, and the mother stated she wanted to take the patient home now due to the dissatisfaction with his care here.” AHCA noted that this practice violated the facility’s policies and procedures, which state that “an incident report will be completed on any event which is out-side the normal course of operation for the hospital and results in patient injury or has the potential for causing injury.” Also, the policies and procedures state that “all cases reported will be investigated and followed-through or followed-up required” and “the individual reporting abuse to a staff member shall have this report passed on to the immediate supervisor, who will make an immediate investigation of the charges.” However, the incident report log did not have any evidence that the incident was reported or investigated as required by state law and the facility’s policies and procedures. The inspection report did not include a plan of correction.