Foundations child RTC program cited for patient rights and staff health exam violations

Foundations Behavioral Health Perseverance Hall, a Residential Treatment Center for children, was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Service (DHS, or formerly the Dept. of Public Welfare) for deficiencies related to staff health exams, patient rights, and annual hearing screenings. Pennsylvania state law requires that “a staff person or volunteer who comes into direct contact with the children or who prepares or serves food, shall have a statement signed and dated by a licensed physician, certified registered nurse practitioner or licensed physician’s assistant, within 12 months prior to working with children or food service.” However, DHS found three facility staff members that had their “most recent health exam was signed by an RN” instead of the required physicians, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. DHS also cited the facility for violating patient rights regulations after finding that “a copy of the child’s rights was not posted in the facility.” The facility was also cited for not providing annual hearing screening exams to one patient and having missing eye color information in one child’s medical record. The facility submitted a plan of correction to address these cited deficiencies.