Friends Hospital cited again by State for violations of psychotropic medication use

The Friends Hospital Inpatient Unit was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS, formerly known as the Dept. of Public Welfare) for violations of regulations around PRN medication documentation, consent to inpatient treatment, restraint use, and consensual release of information to third parties. DHS cited Friends Hospital for a repeat citation for the use of psychotropic medications administered as PRN noting that the “facility failed to consistently document the reason for the PRN medication, interventions utilized prior to the PRN medication, and the response to the PRN medication.” In addition to this repeat violation, DHS also found that the “facility failed to obtain patient’s consent for the use of PRN medications.” Specifically, DHS noted that the PRN medications listed on patient medication administration records (MARs) were not the same medications listed on patient consent forms or patient PRN medication treatment plans. DHS also found that, in addition to incomplete and inconsistent documentation for use of PRN medications, Friends Hospital had incomplete documentation for the use of a restraint on one patient. Specifically, DHS wrote that the patient did not have a complete doctor’s order, or a documented justification for restraint use. The medical record also did not indicate that restraint was necessary because there was no documented presence of a threat of imminent danger or bodily harm to the patient or others. DHS also issued a repeat citation against the facility for violating regulations around the consensual release of medical information to third parties. DHS found that the facility’s release forms were not specific about what information was to be released and to whom. The facility submitted a plan of correction to address the cited deficiencies including the repeat citations.