Gulf Coast Treatment Center fails to ensure sanitary conditions for food service

Gulf Coast Treatment Center was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for violations of “nutritional care – environment & equipment” regulations. During an on-site investigation, AHCA observed that “the facility failed to ensure that food was distributed under sanitary conditions” during lunch service. AHCA noted the following findings: • “The leg of the build on was observed to be in disrepair and the wood was observed flaking off. There was a moderate amount of wood shavings lying on the metal surface of the steam table directly beside the exposed tray of turkey cutlets.” • “The day shift dietary staff member was noted to have placed trays of food into the steam table and then observed to have placed serving utensils into each tray of food with her bare hands.” • “The staff member accidentally knocked the tongs she was using to serve the baked potatoes, handle first, into the tray of gravy. The staff member was then observed to pick the tongs up out of the gravy and place them back in the compartment of baked potatoes and continue to serve them.” The dietary manager was interviewed and stated that “she could not specify how long the leg of the wooden build on had been in that condition and agreed that there was the potential for contamination of the food from those wood shavings.” The inspection report did not contain a plan of correction.