Gulf Coast Youth Academy was terminated after critical issues were not corrected; staff members were fired for calling 911.

This facility in Fort Walton Beach, Florida closed October 31, 2013. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice terminated its contract after it was placed on default status for uncorrected “critical issues.” Local news reported,
The Youth Academy had been placed in “default” status following two incidents Aug. 5 and 6 involving unruly youths. Four teachers were injured trying to break up a brawl Aug. 5. Two required medical treatment. In an Aug. 14 letter signed by Laura Moneyham, DJJ’s assistant secretary for residential services, the facility was reprimanded for its failure to implement safety and security practices. In the wake of what had occurred Aug. 5 and 6, the Youth Academy was placed on default status for failing to correct “critical issues” previously identified by the DJJ. The facility had until Sept. 3 correct the problems, Moneyham said in the August letter. She notified Gulf Coast Treatment Center on Sept. 19 that its contract had been terminated.
Following the notice of termination, a former staff member told local news that she was fired for calling 911 for help during another incident in which “out-of-control teens threw tables, kicked staff and stole and broke equipment.” To read the full article, click here.