Harbor Point Residential School cited for understaffing

In October 2014, the Virginia Department of Education (DOE) found 9 violations at Harbor Point Academy, the residential school at Harbor Point Behavioral, that needed to be addressed before the facility would be in compliance with regulations for private schools for students with disabilities. The DOE found that the ratio of students to teachers was “out of compliance” and the Physical Education teacher was not providing services to the students on the children’s unit. The DOE found that the number of residents admitted to the girl’s unit had exceeded the number of teachers that were hired to teach in the girl’s educational program and the student/teacher ratios were not in compliance. In the report, the DOE noted that “immediate action [was] required” and the program would need to hire a teacher or a long-term substitute to teach the additional students. Inspectors also found that the Physical Education teacher was “not providing direct or consultative services to the students on the children’s unit.” The school was required to take “immediate action” and develop and implement a PE plan with lesson plans approved by the PE teacher, implemented by staff on the children’s unit, and supervised by the PE teacher. The program submitted a corrective action plan in order to restore compliance with state regulations.