Hartgrove Hospital was accused of allowing abuse of a disabled patient

The plenary guardian of a former patient of Hartgrove Hospital brought this suit alleging that on or around October 6, 2009, the patient suffered from physical abuse and negligent care at the facility, resulting in “severe and permanent injuries” and the need for “extensive psychotherapeutic care and treatment.” The Plaintiff alleged that Hartgrove Hospital failed to hire and engage competent and adequately trained personnel, failed to adequately supervise employees, and “[a]ppeased its own self-interest in disregard of and in violation of professional and ethical standards and in detriment to the well-being of patients.” The Plaintiff alleged that “the Defendant, Hartgrove, was aware of inappropriate physical contact/abuse on behalf of its employees/agents/servants and failed to take measures to prevent subsequent events and injuries from occurring.” This case was dismissed by stipulation or agreement on October 7, 2013.