Havenwyck Hospital Cited for Failures in Arranging Post-Discharge Care

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) determined that Havenwyck Hospital did not meet acceptable standards for patient discharge planning. CMS found that the discharge plans of 2 of 4 sampled patients “did not contain arrangements for…family members, to prepare them for post-hospital care, increasing risk of unsafe discharge for all patients.” An interview with the parent of one patient revealed that there was no communication between the facility and the family (via meetings or phone calls) to plan for discharge prior to the discharge date, other than the one meeting that occurred within 2 days of admission. Additionally, the facility never returned the parent’s call when they sought help after the medications (Vynanse) ordered at discharge were denied by their insurance company. In fact, the patient’s “social work discharge note” incorrectly noted that the patient was discharged with a 30-day supply of Vynase 40 mg and Remeron 30 mg, when the patient only went home with prescriptions. CMS found that “there was no note correcting the error or stating that the patient’s family was informed of the details of discharge and setting date in advance of discharge date.” An interview with the parent of another patient (a minor) indicated that she was not notified of her child’s discharge date until the patient called home on that date. The parent noted that she called to ask about whether the discharge had been approved, but the facility did not return her call until more than five hours later, “saying that the patient was released and was waiting at the door to go.” The parent stated that “the patient was upset and that the family needed notice to plan transportation home for the patient.”