"High sexual risk" resident not given proper supervision

Poplar Springs Hospital was cited during an investigation by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) for violating regulations requiring a structured program of care with proper protection, guidance, and supervision. DBHDS found that an individual had a psychosexual risk assessment indicating “a clear need for supervision” on 4/12/14. However, the patient’s treatment plan did not reflect this increased need for supervision. Rather than providing additional supports, Poplar Springs Hospital continued to have normal routine supervision checks in place for the individual. As part of its corrective action plan, the facility agreed to re-educate its clinical and nursing staff on sexual victimization prevention, as well as the facility’s policy and procedure on  assessing/reassessing residents for sexual aggression, sexual victimization precautions, and monitoring levels. You can find more information about investigations and inspections of Poplar Springs here: http://lpss.dbhds.virginia.gov/