Hospital Cited For Unsafe Setting

Mayhill Hospital was cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for multiple deficiencies following an unannounced complaint investigation survey. CMS found that the facility failed to provide a safe setting because the facility’s crash cart did not have defibrillator pads. Also, a patient who normally used a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea was not provided one for four days. CMS also cited the facility for drug administration deficiencies. CMS found that the nursing staff were exchanging passwords for use in the medication dispensing system, but no actions were initiated to correct the unsafe practice. CMS found that this practice occurred, even though hospital policy states that “‘passwords are strictly confidential'” and they “‘provide employees safeguards from the system being misused in their name.'” As a result, the facility had to submit a plan of correction to address its cited deficiencies, which included, among other things, revising its deficient policies around the monitoring of emergency equipment and CPAP machines.