Hospital Turns Away 4 Patients Seeking Emergency Treatment Without Assessments

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) cited Cypress Creek Hospital for violating provisions of the Emergency Medical Treatment And Labor Act (EMTALA). Deficiencies were cited due to facility failures in completing emergency patient medical screening exams/assessments, as well as failures in maintaining a complete central log on individuals seeking emergency care. CMS found that the facility turned away four patients seeking emergency medical treatment by informing them they did not have any open beds. Three of the four patients had even notified staff of their suicidal ideations upon presenting to the facility. CMS found that the facility failed to assess the patients to determine whether they had emergency medical conditions and that “this failed practice had the potential to adversely affect all four patients.” The facility was also cited by CMS for failing to document vital information regarding the four patients in its emergency room intake logs. Only two of the patients signed the logs. The logs lacked any information regarding the patients’ medical conditions upon arrival and their final treatment dispositions, such as whether they refused treatment, were denied treatment, transferred, admitted, or discharged.