Liberty Point admitting more patients with Developmental Disabilities and Autism but not providing training to staff

Liberty Point Behavioral Healthcare was cited during an on-site investigation completed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health Developmental Services (DBHDS) for violations of required training, comprehensive training based on population needs, and compliance with human rights regulations. DBHDS noted that the facility has increased its population of adolescents with Pervasive Developmental Disorders including Autism but had not documented or provided additional training to its staff on the appropriate therapy and services to this population. DBHDS wrote:
“CEO indicated the facility has been admitting more adolescents diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorders (including Autism) and staff have not received specialized training to work this treatment population.”
DBHDS also noted in the Corrective Action Plan:
“When interviewed, one staff on this specialized unit stated, “It really is different working with these kids then with the kids who used to be here…When asked if she had received specific training to work with these youth she stated, “No, not really.”
DBHDS also cited Liberty Point Behavioral for failing to inform or receive approval from the Office of Licensing prior to replacing the roof of the facility, even though all new building construction and modification plans must be submitted to regulators. Liberty Point Behavioral received an additional citation for not storing controlled substances in a secure place. A review of a client’s controlled substance log shows that one tablet of Vyanse 50 mg (used to treat ADHD) had been missing since 9/18/2012. The medication error was not reported to the facility’s Director of Nursing, Compliance Director, or the proper state authorities. The facility submitted a corrective action plan to remedy its citations, which included among other things,  increased training for staff and the development and implementation of medication error policies and procedures.