Meadows cited for involuntarily committing patient without hearing or officer's order, among other deficiencies

The Meadows Psychiatric Center Inpatient Unit was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) for violating mental health procedures and regulations around adequate treatment and treatment planning, legal proceedings, and seclusion and restraint use. During the licensure inspection, the OMHSAS found that a patient “did not receive adequate treatment as prescribed and indicated in the treatment plan.” A patient’s treatment plan indicated that he/she was to receive 1:1 and group/family therapy. However, DHS could not find any progress notes or documentation that the therapies had occurred. OMHSAS inspectors also found that one patient was being held on an involuntary commitment without documentation or evidence of a hearing, or that a Mental Health Review Officer had issued the order for involuntary commitment. OMHSAS inspectors also found that a consumer who was placed in seclusion (via verbal order) for almost an hour, was not seen by a physician within an hour of being placed in seclusion, as required by Pennsylvania law. The facility submitted a plan of correction to address these cited deficiencies.