Mental Health Tech Alleged Discrimination Based on Workplace Injury; Case Settled

Plaintiff began her employment with Keystone in 2006 and was paid $12.46/hr with benefits as Full-time mental health counselor. Plaintiff became unit manager in Jan. 2010 and promoted to $30,992/yr plus benefits. Her knee was injured at work (torn ACL) and she filed worker’s comp claim. Plaintiff wanted to come back to full duty wearing a knee brace, but management allegedly would not allow her to do so. However, Plaintiff claimed that a male coworker in the same position wore a knee brace outside his pants and that there was no policy against wearing a knee brace. Despite this, Plaintiff alleged that the facility fired her instead of reasonably accommodating her injury. Plaintiff alleged she could not find a new job for more than a year. Plaintiff filed a timely charge against UHS with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and that agency found “reasonable cause to believe that violations of the statute(s) occurred […].” This case settled on Feb. 9, 2015.