Millwood Cited for Deficiencies in Informed Consent, Nursing Services, & Medication Administration

Millwood Hospital was cited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for failing to uphold patients’ rights to informed consent regarding their treatment. In two separate patient cases, the facility failed to include the parent/guardian or the patient in the treatment planning process. The hospital was also issued a citation for failing to ensure that one of its Registered Nurses evaluated a patient following a physical altercation between two elderly male patients, which required staff intervention. There was no documentation indicating that one of the patients was evaluated for injuries following the incident. CMS also cited the facility for failing “to ensure drugs and/or biologicals were prepared and administered in accordance with the orders of the practitioner and accepted standards of practice.” CMS found that the facility failed to complete medication administration documentation for four patients, to transcribe medication start/stop dates in the medication administration record of one patient, and to accurately administer medication regimens as ordered for two patients.