One nurse required to care for up to 14 patients on two separate units

The Mississippi Department of Health Division of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification (MSDH) found that Alliance Health Center failed to ensure an adequate number of registered nurses were available to patients. According to the Minimum Standards of Operation for Mississippi Hospitals, Rule 41.30.4:
There shall be an adequate number of registered nurses readily available to patients requiring their services. A registered nurse must plan, supervise and evaluate the nursing care of each patient.
The facility’s records showed that Alliance Health Center violated this rule and failed to meet its own staffing matrix requirements by providing only one registered nurse to care for 13-14 patients on two separate occasions in a one week period. An interview with the Nurse Manager  “revealed that when the census is low on the Ged-psychiatric Unit, staffing is combined for the Journey Unit and the Geri-psychiatric.” According to the Alliance Health Center website, the Journeys program treats adults with depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD and other mental health disorders while the Milestones program “provides treatment for senior adults who are having difficulty adjusting to changes in their lives, have depression and may have beginning stages of dementia.”