Patient Allegedly Able to Hang Self With Belt Due to Facility Negligence

The family of Matthew Goodman filed a lawsuit against Lakeside Behavioral Health Systems alleging that their 21-year-old son who was a patient of the facility was able to hang himself with a belt due to the negligence of the facility. The lawsuit alleged that the facility violated the applicable standard of care for medical professionals rendering suicide prevention care in that they failed to remove the patient’s belt which was in contravention of their own policy and procedure. The patient’s family further alleged that the facility failed to keep him under continuous employee observation as warranted by his mental state, and that he was already dead when discovered. The family also alleges that “[A]t Lakeside, there have been numerous incidents of violence including assaults and rapes. . . .These incidents were a result, at least in part, of insufficient staffing by the Defendant.” The plaintiffs asked for $7.5 million and reached a confidential settlement agreement with the facility.