Patient Attacked at Facility Alleges Uncertified Employees Were Not Supervised

Plaintiff was admitted to Defendant’s facility at the recommendation of his psychologist that he was at risk to commit suicide. Another patient at that facility, who had been observed on surveillance cameras to be forcefully bumping into and shoving other residents for more than an hour, but was allowed to remain among the general population without being contained, attacked the Plaintiff unprovoked. The severity of this attack left the Plaintiff with painful fractures and/or dislocations to his left knee cap and hip, in addition to emotional and psychological injury and distress. The plaintiff wrote, “Plaintiff is informed and believes…employees…were conducting tasks and fulfilling duties … without requisite supervision from a psychologist or physician and without qualified authorization.” The plaintiff further alleges, “defendant’s conduct in over reliance and utilization of unlicensed assistants for the care and treatment of Plaintiff, demonstrated gross disregard for the safety of its patients.” The plaintiff also alleges that Spring Mountain “failed to maintain complete and accurate medical records on the day that he was attacked.” As of July 2014, the case is scheduled for a Malpractice Status Check August 14, 2014.