Patient brings contraband razor blade into facility after home visit, cuts wrists

University Behavioral Center was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for violations of nursing service and patient rights regulations. AHCA found that the facility failed to appropriately search a patient for contraband to “ensure for her safety from sharp objects.” AHCA review of the patient’s medical records revealed that she “was admitted to the facility with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, severe with suicide ideation.” The medical record also said that the “client returned to the facility from a home pass” and was searched for contraband, but nothing was found. After the home pass, documentation indicated that “the client had cut her right wrist at the facility, using a razor blade which she had hidden by taping it to her buttocks.” Medical consultation documentation stated “the client brought in a razor from home and cut her wrist at the facility.” AHCA also found that the hospital “did not protect the physical safety” of  a client. AHCA found that a “student had applied Nair (a hair removal cream) to both lower legs. Crisis on unit occurred…student c/o (complained of) both lower legs were irritated due to leaving Nair on longer than indicated. Student showered and Lanacaine first aid spray applied. Slight redness with fine rash noted.” According to the interview with the patient, she applied “Nair from a pump and put into a medicine cup, supervised by staff.” However, a crisis had occurred on the unit and staff “sequestered the non-participants of the crisis to the dayroom near the cafeteria to protect them.” The patient “asked staff in the dayroom if they could give her something to wipe off the Nair but had to wait about ** minutes before the Nair was able to be removed.” The inspection report did not include a plan of correction. However, the Chief Executive Officer said that “there were * staff members in the dayroom with ** students at the time of the sequester of the students. Staffing would allow for one staff member to retrieve a wet towel or other supply in order to remove the hair removal product.”