Patient Claimed Inadequate Security & Supervision Resulted in Assault

A former Windmoor Healthcare patient brought suit against the facility alleging that he was a victim of battery during his admission to the facility’s 28-day inpatient rehabilitation program. He alleges that another patient punched him in the back/side of the head (causing him to fall and hit his head) and beat him repeatedly while he was down on the floor. He claims that this incident “took place at a time the residents were supposed to be under the supervision of the staff at Windmoor” and that leading up to the assault, the facility was aware that the aggressor patient had been threatening during another incident earlier in the day. He further alleges that “Windmoor had a duty to keep its residents safe…to control the behavioral of the residents, to provide adequate security and supervision to reduce the risk of one resident assaulting another, and to ensure that its staff was properly trained so as to recognize, react, and warn of dangerous conditions.” The case was dismissed in December, 2013.