Patient Dies at Corona Regional Medical Center; UHS pays $46,000 to Settle Claims

Plaintiff alleged that Deborah Varela, a single mother and sole provider for two elderly parents, arrived at the Emergency Room at Coronoa Regional Medical Center (CRMC) with shortness of breath and cough.*Plaintiffs claimed but was not given a medical screening examination and was sent away because hospital employees could not verify her insurance coverage. Plaintiffs claim that Varela’s condition worsened and she returned to the Emergency Room at CRMC. Upon seeing a physician, she was admitted and eventually moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). While in the ICU, plaintiffs allege that nursing staff medicated Varela with morphine, which exacerbated her respiratory problems necessitating a breathing tube. A few hours later, Varela died and the autopsy determined the cause of death was multiple pulmonary emboli. Corona Regional Medical Center agreed to pay $46,000 to settle claims against the hospital.