Patient Sexually Assaulted While Staff Away

Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration  (AHCA) cited University Behavioral Center for failing to provide adequate supervision and ensure safety for two patients housed in the “Turning Point”  Adult Baker Act Unit (a unit that holds involuntary status patients). A male patient admitted to staff that he forced a female patient to perform oral sex on him in a hallway on the “Bridges Unit,” which was corroborated by video evidence. The female patient who was assaulted told AHCA surveyors that at the time of the incident, the nurse was off the unit doing rounds with the other nurses, while one MHT (mental health tech) was in the day room with other patients, and the other MHT was on break. AHCA review of the staffing report confirmed this and showed that only one nurse and two MHTs were scheduled to work in this unit when the incident occurred.