Patient with history of self harm removes own eyeball while in isolation cell

A 57 year old Patient was transferred to Alhambra Hospital on Jan. 29, 2013 following an involuntary psychiatric hold. On Feb. 6, 2013, patient alleges that Alhambra hospital failed to adequately treat, monitor, and supervise to prevent self-harm, allowing the patient to remove his eyeball from the socket. Plaintiff alleges that nurses noticed erratic behavior and noticeable eye problems on Feb. 3 and that the patient’s family informed Alhambra staff that the eye problems were likely related to patient’s self-harming behaviors. Plaintiff alleges that on Feb. 5, after patient’s eye was infected, he was placed in an isolation cell, without supervision, monitoring, and/or observation and several hours after being placed in isolation removed his eyeball with his bare hands. Plaintiff also alleges that this treatment constitutes Elder Abuse. This case is ongoing as of May 20, 2016.