Patients given psychotropic drugs without consent at River Point Behavioral

River Point Behavioral Health was cited by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for violating regulations around patient consent rights after AHCA found three patients were given psychotropic medications without consent. AHCA wrote: 1. “Patient #* was being given Suboxone and Trazadone without a patient signature for consent.” 2. “Patient #* was on Xanax and Zoloft. There was no Informed Consent for Zoloft signed by the patient or his mother. Xanax was signed for on admission.” 3. Patient #* was given Prozac **mg by mouth daily. There was no consent for administration of the Prozac. He was a Baker Act patient who the psychiatrist felt was competent to consent for treatment.” AHCA interviewed the Director of Nursing who “verified the need for signed consents for psychotropic medications.” AHCA also reviewed the Health Policy on Informed Consent for Medications that stated “the RN/LPN must educate the patient on the risks and benefits of each new medication, and then write the name of the medication(s) on the appropriate line of the Informed Consent Form and have the patient, sign, date and time, as well as provide a witness signature.” The inspection report did not include a plan of correction.