Pharmacist Claims Facility was Unsafe and Forced Her to Perform Group Counseling

The former pharmacy director of Sierra Vista, who was employed through a pharmacy staffing agency, claims the facility had multiple issues which compromised safety and patient care. She alleges that she was told by management to perform tasks for which she was not qualified or trained. For example, she alleges that the CEO required her to perform weekly monitoring rounds and conduct group counseling sessions with psychiatric patients even though she was not trained as a hospital manager or mental health professional. She also alleges that management was unresponsive to her concerns regarding safety issues. She claims that when she suggested updating the facility’s Hazardous Substances Policy in a group email, the CEO wrote back, “You need to stop the emails NOW around this issue.” She also alleges that she complained to facility management that the pharmacy’s refrigerators did not hold the correct temperatures for storing medications, and that a series of three electrical failures shut down the mechanized systems in the pharmacy and also allowed three patients to escape. She complained to her staffing agency that the facility violated its contract by allowing unauthorized personnel to access the pharmacy. The former pharmacy director injured her knee during a group counseling session in October 2012. According to her allegations, the facility did not allow her to return to work until she fully recovered from her injury, even though her doctor had cleared her to work while recovering as long as she received minor accommodations (such as rearranging some of the pharmacy equipment).