Residents not Given Sheets on Beds, Grievances Go Unreported

Following an unannounced survey inspection, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) found that a previously identified deficiency had not been corrected by the National Deaf Academy as of the revisit. AHCA found that the facility failed to provide both top and bottom sheets to 7 out of 8 residents in one unit. The beds either had only a bottom sheet, or no sheets at all. The bottom sheet on one bed was too worn to be usable. A mental health technician on the unit said she was aware that one of the residents had no sheets on her bed, but only supervisors had keys to the linen closet. AHCA also cited the facility for failing to implement their policies and procedures for resolving and reporting resident grievances. AHCA cited an incident in which a client’s right elbow was injured after a mental health technician mishandled her during a physical hold. Even though a grievance was reported to the Client Advocate, the management of the facility (the administrator, Risk Manager, and Client Advocate) revealed in interviews that the grievance had not been reported to the appropriate agencies. The Administrator added that “training was needed so that all staff at all levels could identify an allegation of abuse and neglect and report it.”