Parent Complains About "Deplorable" Level of Care after daughter sent to ER

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) cited Laurel Ridge Treatment Center for failing to uphold patients’ rights to be notified of a grievance decision. CMS found that the facility failed to investigate a complaint lodged by a patient’s parent and did not inform her of the results of the complaint. The parent filed a formal complaint alleging Laurel Ridge provided inadequate care to her 16-year old daughter. The complaint claims that the parent was “appalled” and immediately removed her daughter after the facility sent her to the emergency room twice in the same day.” The parent alleged “the facility and level of care the staff provided is deplorable and the upper levels of personnel are lazy, unprofessional, incompetent, and flat out rude.” The parent claims that she called the facility’s patient advocate twice, but never received a call back from anyone at the facility. Facility policy states that the patient advocate should respond within 3 days of receipt of a grievance. An interview with the facility’s director of risk management revealed that the facility did receive the parent’s complaint letter, but that the facility did not log the complaint, investigate or follow up with the parent.