Roxbury Treatment Center issued second Provisional License because of "significant issues with inadequacy of treatment planning"

Roxbury Treatment Center’s Inpatient Unit was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) for violations of regulations relating to adequate treatment and treatment planning. DHS issued a second provisional license to the facility and stated that “there were significant issues with inadequacy of treatment planning and delivery identified during this review.” DHS found that the facility had shown the movie “Anger Management” as part of group therapy. DHS quoted in the inspection that “watching the movie “Anger Management” does not constitute group therapy.” The facility justified the showing of the movie as part of therapy and that the therapist processed with the group after the movie was over. DHS also wrote that one patient’s Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) did not address specific treatment needs identified in both clinical assessments and daily progress notes. Also, another patient who was noted as exhibiting food refusal, weight loss, and medication refusal did not have a person-centered treatment plan that addressed identified treatment needs. DHS also found no evidence of efforts to engage with the patient through one-to-one therapy or efforts to consult the County Administrator. Instead, the patient participated in group therapy that had “no relevance to the ITP or the assessments” and the patient was transferred to a unit at another hospital on day 22 of his/her stay at Roxbury Treatment Center. DHS also found 3 patients with ITPs that were not person-centered and had check box and narrative entries that were identical for multiple patients. Another 3 patients had ITPs that were either not based on diagnostic evaluations and missing appropriate treatment methods or had inappropriate treatment methods. Finally, DHS found pre-printed group notes in medical records and one record did not have additional information specific to the individual receiving group therapy. The facility submitted a plan of correction to address these deficiencies.