National Deaf Academy Fined $3,000 for Failing to Monitor Employee Practices and Protect Residents

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) filed an Administrative Complaint against the National Deaf Academy, resulting in a $3,000 fine against the facility for six violations of Florida law. AHCA found that the facility “…failed to ensure the intercommunication among staff of information regarding children necessary to the performance of each staff responsibility … where staff, including the administration, supervisory personnel, and therapeutic staff were unaware that an employee utilized a bedroom closet as an intervention of seclusion and/or time out on a resident on multiple occasions.” Other charges against the facility included failing to ensure the rights of its residents and the appropriate use of proper seclusion procedures. AHCA found that the facility “… did not include a system for monitoring the employees for practices that place the residents at risk,” and required the National Deaf Academy to initiate such monitoring.