Spring Mountain Treatment Center Cited for Consistently Understaffing Shifts

The Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance cited Spring Mountain Treatment Center for failing to follow its staffing plan. State surveyors found that the facility repeatedly understaffed its shifts. For example, on the night of 10/20/10, of the 68 patients present, three required line of sight (LOS) monitoring and one needed one-on-one observation. The facility was staffed with only three registered nurses that night, despite the large patient census and staffing grid requirements that called for four registered nurses when the census was between 67-71 patients. On 10/21 there were 67 patients, eight of which needed LOS monitoring, but again only three nurses and seven techs were assigned. On 7/20 and 7/21, there were 73 patients and 69 patients, respectively, but only 3 registered nurses were assigned.