St. Simons-By-The-Sea Cited for Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment Planning Failures

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) cited St. Simons-By-The-Sea for deficiencies related to patient assessments and treatment planning. CMS found that in five separate patient cases, the facility failed to ensure that psychosocial assessments clearly described the role of the social worker during the patients’ inpatient hospitalization, specifically regarding their treatment and discharge planning. According to CMS, “This failure results in a lack of description of what specifically social services would be doing for these patients, thereby compromising an integrated treatment process.” CMS also cited the facility for failing to develop and document comprehensive treatments plans based on individual patient needs. The treatment plans of eight patients failed to include short and long-term goals as specific, measurable patient behaviors. CMS stated that “This practice compromises staff’s ability to evaluate patient progress in treatment and to make necessary modifications in patients’ treatment plans.” CMS issued an additional citation against the facility for failing to include in the treatment plans of eight patients, the names and disciplines of the individual staff members responsible for specific aspects of their care. This deficient practice prevented the facility from monitoring “staff accountability for specific treatment modalities.”