Staff Failures Cited in Deaths at Arbour Psychiatric Centers

As part of its series on Arbour Health System, The Boston Globe reported on three facilities  –
[T]hree questionable deaths within 18 months in the Arbour Health System that involved staff failures identified by state or federal health regulators. The health care company, which operates Arbour-Fuller, six other inpatient psychiatric facilities, and a chain of mental health clinics in Massachusetts, has been repeatedly cited for violating patient-care standards before and since the three deaths, including citations for staffing too few nurses or relying too much on lesser-trained or temporary workers. […] At Arbour-HRI, the only Arbour facility with unionized nurses and mental health workers, employees repeatedly have filed complaints with hospital administrators about mandated overtime and low staffing levels at night or on units housing patients who require individual attention. They also have questioned why the hospital has no security staff despite serving patients who can be violent. Many who work there are trying “to provide a decent standard of care in the face of a corporate philosophy that seems to relentlessly put profits ahead of patient and employee safety,” union spokesman Jeff Hall said by e-mail.
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