State cites Clarion Psychiatric Center for storing patient food on floor, among other violations

Clarion Psychiatric Center was cited during an unannounced complaint investigation completed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) for deficiencies related to patient rights, facilities (or facility maintenance/housekeeping), and infection control. The DOH determined that “the facility failed to ensure living spaces, toilets and sinks were functional and or accessible for seven of 16 rooms on the Adult Behavioral Health Unit.” DOH found seven patient rooms were “under construction, toilets removed and/or rooms filled with beds, furniture and/or construction supplies.” One patient told DOH, “I had to sleep on the couch during the day. Not allowed in my room.” DOH also cited the facility for failing “to maintain techniques for the maintenance of food sanitation for patient food” after finding a refrigerator for patient food items had “two unmarked fruit cups, and three open milk containers. One container was dated May 9, 2013. The other two open carts were not dated.” DOH also found “a plastic bin containing food and juice containers…on the floor” and employee confirmed “that is food for the diabetics.” The DOH cited Clarion for failing “to ensure the patient right to participate in his or her plan of care for a low stimulation environment” and for failing “to ensure the patient’s right to privacy.” The inspection revealed a patient on the adult unit “had slept in the seclusion room on May 14 and May 15, 2013,” but the change in sleeping arrangements was not documented in the patient’s care plan. The DOH also found “patients waiting in line for a smoke break, adjacent to the nursing station. PT5 was sitting among those waiting in the common area with a breathing treatment being administered.” An employee was asked “if there was a treatment room on the unit” and responded “No. There is not.” The DOH also cited Clarion Psychiatric for violations of confidentiality of records regulations after finding “a medical record, multiple patient laboratory sheets, two medication administration records and a patient photo with discharge information were unattended at the [nurses] stations” located on the adolescent unit. The facility agreed to be in compliance with the regulations cited by DOH in the plan of correction.