State Cites Facility for Verbally Abusing Patient and for Unsanitary Patient Environments

The California Department of Health cited the Fremont Hospital for failing to protect a patient from staff abuse. A mental health technician threatened to revoke a patient’s privileges and send her to a more restrictive unit if she did not comply with his instructions. The hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer stated that threatening a patient was not the appropriate means to calm the situation and that the incident should have been reported and investigated. The State Inspector found that the facility failed to have a designated employee responsible for staff education, resulting in the sporadic and fragmented implementation of staff education programs. Due to this oversight, staff were unaware that yelling and threatening to withhold privileges constituted emotional abuse. Fremont Hospital was also cited for failing to promote a clean and sanitary hospital environment at all times.  A patient who had a urinary tract infection was found to have soiled undergarments and soiled linens on the bathroom floor for an undetermined extended period of time.