State Cites Sandy Pines for Understaffing and Undertraining

The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) cited Sandy Pines for staffing, staff training, and restraint use deficiencies following an unannounced licensure complaint survey. AHCA found that the facility’s staff composition was below the required minimum of 1 direct care staff member to 6 residents. In fact, AHCA noted an instance in which a shift was staffed with the  “most severely deficient ratio” of only 13 staff members to oversee 113 residents. The facility had also failed to ensure that all employees were trained and demonstrated competency on the safe and appropriate use of restraint and seclusion on a semi-annual basis. AHCA found that a mental health technician did not receive a 6-month update for his/her CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) education, even though this staff member had been documented as participating in an emergency situation in which a resident was physically restrained. The final violation related to a failure in implementing proper restraint and seclusion procedures. The facility failed to document when a patient’s restraint and seclusion intervention had ended and which staff members had participated in the  incident in debriefing records. As a result, the facility had to submit a plan of correction to address its cited deficiencies and its deficient policies and practices.