State cites the Hughes Center for not properly informing patients of their rights

Hughes Center for Exceptional Children was cited by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services for deficiencies related to facility maintenance and compliance with human rights regulations. DBHDS found:
“A tour of Overbey Cottage revealed the cottage to be in disrepair. Overall, the doors are in need of painting, a table needed replacing as it had three holes punched in it, walls are in need of painting and repair, toilets had evidence of rust, nails in windows were sticking out and one electrical outlet needed a cover.”
DBHDS also determined that the Hughes Center was non-compliant with state standards around informing individuals of their patient rights. The DBHDS found that the “provider did not have human rights posters with current Human Rights Advocate Senior contact information consistently displayed throughout the facility as required by regulation.” In the Corrective Action Plan, the provider agreed to post the current rights advocate’s contact information prominently throughout the facility and to repair all items related to its facility maintenance citations.